Wednesday, August 26, 2009

I'm back

Hello everyone :)
I'm back from our summer vacation. So as promise, I will send goodies for 1 lucky blog reader. Just drop in a note with "Where is your favorite summer vacation?" I will pick up one winner on sun 08/30/09 :)

Here's my project for Fancy Pants and Purple Cows.

For more details instruction you can visit HERE and HERE.


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  2. Hi Liana! Where did you go for your summer vacation? No wonder I haven't seen you for a while in the farm. ^_^ My favorite summer vacation is of course Bali. I wish I were there right now ;-( . Well... I hope you enjoyed your summer vacation. Any plan for fall vacation?

  3. Love your work as usual, so gorgeous!!!! My favorite summer vacation is, frankly, any time off from work and anywhere outside of the midwest!!! LOL.

  4. When the kids were younger (and didn't have jobs!) it was great fun to do a summer road trip to visit Grandma & Grandpa in Sacramento. We would go on a little excursion to Six Flags Vellejo...great rides! Ah...sweet summer memories ;)