Saturday, August 8, 2009

Saying Goodby

I just got my last issue of Memory Makers Magzines few days ago. Found out this will be the last issue, that make me sad. I think I'd been so lucky that one of my layout got Editors' Pick for July/August 2008 issue. You can find out HERE.

That is for now, Hope you have a wonderful weekend!
Pst...... check back with me next week, I will start packing some goodies for giveaway :D


  1. congrats!!! I felt so sad too when I got my last pub with MM.. hate it when the magazines stop.. mine was in the july august issue too (pg 35).. is it really the last issue???

  2. thanks mireille and congrats to you too!!!! love your layout there. I believe the last issue will be sep/oct :)

  3. funny that my layout was in that issue 74 or 75...cute little boy page with black background!