Monday, August 9, 2010

Quick and Easy Mini

Feel great to finish up my last year summer vacation album. Little yellow bicycle makes this really neat envelope Album Kit (5 reversible envelopes, 5 double-sided cardstock inserts, 2 chipboard covers, 4 sheets patterned papers, 10 washers and eyelets, linen string, 2 binder) -- all INCUDED. I tell you the truth, it really save a lot of my time :)

so watch out in the future you might see this mini album often in my blog.

This is from Broadwalk collections. Here's a peek for now:

Front cover

Back cover

I embellish the front album with canvas sticker. I'll let you know once the whole album finish.
Thanks for stopping by my friends!


  1. I like the mini!! such a good one, can't wait to see the inner pages!!

  2. Hey girl, first thing, the Chinese comment above, links to an unsavory site if you click on the dots...

    Secondly, GORGEOUS mini!!! I love it!!!! seriously awesome.

  3. Hi JJ, Thanks for point that out :) I really appreciate it. Gosh... I hate when people do that.