Friday, September 3, 2010

Back to school

Happy Friday everyone!
How's everyone doing? I'd been very busy shopping online lately. School just started and my girls are in 3 days preschool now (yay!--- meaning I got more time to scrap). Wanna know what's on my shopping cart?

Thanks again to my long distance friend, Jessy to introduce this CSN store (I'm really 100% satisfield with store)

Let's hop to "Back to school" project that I made last year for Purple Cows. (Meet sammy, she's one of very well behaved kid that I ever known)

Hope you have a wonderful long weekend!


  1. Have fun scrapping!!! :) and shopping! This project is so cute!!! Lovely as usual!! :)

  2. Super cute layout! And congratulations on a little more free time too!

  3. The 2 items that u chose are perfect for ur lil ones! Enjoy the products :) that is one beautiful layout, always love ur style!