Friday, February 4, 2011

CPS # 203

Hello there...
Yay....It's snowing here in Dallas. Keep it coming snow, I can't wait to make snowman with my girls :)

I'd been taking a break from making layouts and guess what, making hair-clips, headbands and other kid stuff are my new hobby.

 When it's come to accessories, I'd like to make it simple and elegant. This is what I made for Prima using brand new vintage trinkets.

.... and Valentine's card based on CPS #203 sketch.

Thanks so much for stopping by, and your all sweet comment regarding my family pictures. Hope you guys have a wonderful Friday!


  1. That is a pretty pair of earrings!! Love the combinations. Used to make alot back then but now to occupied with papers. Lol! You have an awesome card there, always love your cards :)

  2. Oh My! You are so so talented!
    Your card is beautiful of course but I'm absolutely drooling over these amazing earrings!!!

    BRAVO my Friend ;-)

    P.S: I can send you some snow anytime you want :-D

  3. liana, the earrings are so sweeeeet... love the card alsoooo... :)

  4. wow, earrings, my goodness, my goodness, too amazing! That card is dripping sweetness!
    Only warm weather people cheer for snow, lol.

  5. love the earrings and the card is nice.

  6. LOL, JJ and Alexandra, after 4 days stuck in the house, I think I had enough for snow for now :)