Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Print Publications

No# 63.

A happy belated Easter's day. I'm here today sharing my assignment for Practical Publishing based in UK. It's my privilege to be able to work with this magazine. Throughout many years, I learnt how to get noticed from magazines. They want balance and visual triangle. Some of you might don't know of the visual triangle?

The visual triangle is a design principle that involves an imaginary triangle on your page. Visual triangle is created by placing 3 similar elements of your page. Take a look of this project, I'm using butterflies as my visual triangle. Noticed how your eyes drawn automatically to these butterflies?

It's a simple technique that will sure to make your project get noticed :)

A close up using K&Company butterfly and cut out, Fancy pants buttons, Prima flower and twill.

Thank you for stopping by...


  1. Gorgeous colors here...I heart the purple..and those butterflies... so pretty... Hugs..xoxo