Saturday, July 9, 2011

We're here in singapore

Hello friends,

Today is dated exactly one week after we landed to here. Singapore treated us well so far. So much to do in this tiny island, really can't wait to start the journey :)

We haven't been going around Singapore yet, but we visit 'hawker' center almost everyday. My hubby and I feel like home right away. Our girls, on the other hand really had a hard time to eat. All they want = 'fries' and 'nugget' from McDonald. Oh well... What can I say, they're American :)

... so many choices: soy milk, grass jelly or sugarcane...

...some of favorite breakfast near our service apt, milk tea and kaya toast @Ya Kun Kaya

yummy mee rebus at toast box....

Thank you all for your visit.



  1. hi neighbor :) hope u enjoy more ;) n hope to see u soon :)

  2. Woo..hoo...thats good news !!! How about the weather... ??? hugs...xoxo

  3. Irene... Sure, take your time, I'll call you after the 17th then :)

  4. Lynda... Weather wise is not bad actually compare to Texas.

  5. Oh great that u have arrived Singapore!! Well it will take a while for the kids to adjust but I am sure in a nick of time they will start to enjoy. Hope to meet up with you someday :)

  6. Hello Sweet Friend,

    I've enjoyed your post so much I didn't want it to end ;-S
    This is really interesting and I hope you will share more.
    {please DO!!}

    I wish you all the best in getting acclimated to your new home.