Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Hello September...

Hello everyone... I guess you could say that I'm a little bit behind when it came to update my blog. It's been 2 solid months that I'm off from blogging..Yes... I'm away from blogging is because I thought I'm still on vacation mode :) but not anymore. My stashes are FiNALLY here, I can't wait to re-organized and start working again. I'll take some photos to share soon. I had special projects requested by EK Success Brand before this relocation. LOVE LOVE everything about this brand, punches especially.

I'm super excited to share these projects with you. From these supplies, style this rustic look birdcage with 3D stickers and lots of punches, I wanted to look like soft & rustic feel.

Second project, decorated paper mache from these supplies...

Before I leave I wanted to say special Thank you for my dear friend, Emeline and Irene for showing me around. I feel blesssed surrounded by people  who do nice things to me. I wish to hang out more often soon :)


  1. Finally you are back! We've missed you! Hope you have a nice time in your new location and hope to see your work soon again!

  2. lianaaa... love to see u creating again! :) gorgeous projects.. li, kayanya mendingan kita ketemuan weekdays dulu pas lunch aja ya.. entah kenapa, kok wiken aku rasanya lebi full daripada weekdays, hehe... how's everything?? malu deh, rasanya aku ga ajak kamu kemana2, hehe..

  3. hey liana! thanks for stopping by my blog! i've always been a fan of yours! and the stuff on this post: gorgeous!! you do fabulous work!

  4. Gosh those K&Co paper pads are so beautiful! You totally rock those altered items. So beautifully done... as always! Wish we met the other time, maybe next time :)